I’m an associate professor in the Sociology/Anthropology department at the University of Minnesota Duluth, teaching and writing about the intersections of culture and the human body. Last year, I worked as a Faculty Fellow for Technology-Enhanced Learning, collaborating with and creating supportive programs for my colleagues to centralize face-to-face and online teaching paradigms in our conversations and daily practices.  Recently, I’ve conducted research on connections between students’ “naturalized” technology practices and participatory media production pedagogies. I’ve been a “lurker” on several MOOCs, and an active practitioner in the more connectivist model of “MOOCing,” particularly in terms of exploring PLNs or “personal learning networks”. Several field projects on how students of acupuncture and medical students learn in their first year consume a lot of my research analysis/writing time.

In “real” life, I am a mom to an amazing college student (a social justice/theater major who has always enjoyed drama) and a swashbuckling ninja. I live on a farm that my husband and I strive to make more of a farm every year, figuring it’s the only retirement plan we really have. I love to knit, create gluten-free and paleo yummies, and walk my land.


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